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M Code Function

M Code-Function
Code Function
M00 Program stop
M02 End of program
M03 Spindle start (forward CW)
M04 Spindle start (reverse CCW)
M05 Spindle stop
M06 Tool change
M08 Coolant on
M09 Coolant off
M10 Chuck - clamping (**)
M11 Chuck - unclamping (**)
M12 Tailstock spindle out (**)
M13 Tailstock spindle in (**)
M17 Toolpost rotation normal (**)
M18 Toolpost rotation reverse (**)
M30 End of tape and rewind
M98 Transfer to subprogram
M99 End of subprogram
(**) - refers only to CNC lathes and turning centers.
Fig. 16 Some of the most common M-codes used in CNC programming.
Block of Information
CNC information is generally programmed in blocks of five words.
Each word conforms to the EIA standards and they are written on
a horizontal line. If five complete words are not included in each
block, the machine control unit (MCU) will not recognize the
information, therefore the control unit will not be activated.
Using the example shown in Fig. 17 , the five words are as fol-
N001 represents the sequence number of the operation.
G01 represents linear interpolation
X12345 will move the table 1.2345 in. in a positive direction
along the X Axis

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