G Code Function | G Code की पूरी जानकारी

M Codes  के बारे में पूरी जानकारी।

Group Code Function
01 G00 Rapid positioning
01 G01 Linear interpolation
01 G02 Circular interpolation clockwise (CW)
01 G03 Circular interpolation counterclockwise (CCW)
06 G20* Inch input (in.)
06 G21* Metric input (mm)
G24 Radius programming (**)
00 G28 Return to reference point
00 G29 Return from reference point
G32 Thread cutting (**)
07 G40 Cutter compensation cancel
07 G41 Cutter compensation left
07 G42 Cutter compensation right
08 G43 Tool length compensation positive (+) direction
08 G44 Tool length compensation minus (-) direction
08 G49 Tool length compensation cancel
G84 Canned turning cycle (**)
03 G90 Absolute programming
03 G91 Incremental programming
(*) - on some machines and controls, these may be G70 (inch) and
G71 (metric)
(**) - refers only to CNC lathes and turning centers.
Fig. 14 Some of the most common G-codes used in CNC programming.
M or miscellaneous codes are used to either turn ON or OFF

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