CNC Milling Programming Hints

CNC Programming Hints - MILLING
Machine reference point (maximum travel of machine)
Machine X Y zero point (could be tool change point)
Part X Y zero point (programming start point)
Indicates the tool change position. A G92 code will
reset the axis register position coordinates to this
For a program to run on a machine, it must contain the follow-
ing codes:
M03 To start the spindle/cutter revolving.
Sxxx The spindle speed code to set the r/min.
Fxx The feed rate code to move the cutting tool or
workpiece to the desired position.
The X Y coordinates of the start point and end point of
the angular surface plus a feed rate (F) are required.
• A Z dimension raises the cutter above the work surface.
• A Z- dimension feeds the cutter into the work surface.
• Z.100 is the recommended retract distance above the
work surface before a rapid move (G00) is made to
another location.
RADII / CONTOUR Requirements:
• The start point of the arc (XY coordinates)
• The direction of cutter travel (G02 or G03)
• The end point of the arc (XY coordinates)
• The center point of the arc (IJ coordinates) or the arc

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